High Sensitivity Water Leak Alarm - Water Leak Detector

Water Leakage Alarm with red LED lightItem no.: PA-7NFeatures1. Front    Reset Button2. Side    Sensor Pad - RJ11    Volume switch: High - Low3. Top    Tone switch: Alarm - Music    Sensor Mat - 2.5mm plug4. LED    Standby, red light    Alarm ring, red lightHo

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Water Leakage Alarm with red LED light

Item no.: PA-7N

1. Front
    Reset Button

2. Side
    Sensor Pad - RJ11
    Volume switch: High - Low

3. Top
    Tone switch: Alarm - Music
    Sensor Mat - 2.5mm plug

4. LED
    Standby, red light
    Alarm ring, red light

How to Use
1)  Water overflow flood alarm, water leakage alarm, used on floor.
2)  This simple device could save you thousands in home repairs caused by water damage.
3)  The sensor head when in contact with water trigger alarm unit.
4)  When the water reaches the level of the sensor the flood alarmwill sound to alert you before the water overflows.
5)  You can now eliminate flooded basements, garages, laundry rooms,bathrooms, pools, sinks, toilets, and hot-water heaters.

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